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Other name (in original language)
Stadsherstel Amsterdam N.V.

Amstelveld 10
1017 JD Amsterdam

Since its founding, 55 years ago, Stadsherstel Amsterdam has developed into a restoration company for all kinds of monuments in an urban or rural environment. It not only restores, but also preserves these monuments in such manner, that the character of the building is left intact and that further development will not cause any damage to the architecture, or change it in any way. Currently Stadsherstel owns more than 500 houses and some twenty larger monuments, e.g. churches and industrial monuments like pumping-stations and a shipyard. It is partly thanks to the example set by Stadsherstel, that the historic centre of Amsterdam became a very sought-after residential area. Stadsherstel set itself three objectives: To buy and restore the most threatened historic dwelling houses, especially listed monuments To construct modern dwellings within these buildings for the benefit of the public housing sector To maintain these buildings after restoring them