Pansumnet 2015 Gathering : Industrial Heritage at Stake

Pansumnet 2015 Gathering : Industrial Heritage at Stake

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Pansumnet 2015 Gathering : Industrial Heritage at Stake is tentatively planned 22-24 October 2015 in Sawahlunto, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Organizers and participants are policy makers, practitioners and researchers. It will strengthen shared heritage of Indonesia and Netherlands since most of industrial assets are inherited from the Dutch-
Indies period. The issues are identifying potential industrial heritage in Indonesia and how to gain social economic benefits of it with a main case study of the former coal mining of Sawahlunto. Outcomes are input to improve policy and practice of the case study and various exposures about industrial heritage potentials of Indonesia.

* Providing new insights for the Sawahlunto Government about management of its former coal mining as a source of social and economic development. It Is about a decade ago the exploitation begun, it is time to revisit policy and practice as a lesson learned experience for all participants;
* Raising awareness for industrial heritage potentials in Indonesia by identifying and exposing its social economic benefits. T his goal will be only achieved through a synergy amongst all stakeholders: policy makers, private investors and community members;
* Providing a platform for industrial heritage movement in Indonesia and the Netherlands for current and future cooperation;
* Keeping the regional heritage network of Sumatra alive as a boost for heritage movement in Indonesia;
* Continuing cooperation with the Netherlands on shared heritage programs that has begun since 2004.

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Hasti Tarekat Dipowijoyo (Expert)

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Heritage Cities Network Program of the Ministry of Public Works (Organisation)
University of Bung Hatta (Organisation)
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