Two new publications on the conservation of paintings

A print publication with close-up of a portrait painting of a 19th-century lady by an unknown artist on the cover. The painting is damaged, paint has partially been stripped from the lady's right eye.
Publication with on the cover a Portrait of a Lady, 19th C, oil on canvas, before retouching, by an unknown artist. Produced by Julia M. van den Burg.
Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands

Two new publications on the conservation of paintings

Two new publications in the series 'Paintings Conservation' for conservators of easel paintings were published online.
By Ciska Borsboom, Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands

Two new publications on the conservation of paintings


Conservation knowledge and practice are developing at an increasingly fast pace. Together with Cultural Inventory Foundation (SCI) and SRAL - The Conservation Institute and within the International Heritage Cooperation programme, the Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE) has published two new publications in the series Paintings Conservation for conservators of easel paintings. These publications serve as reference material, bringing together current practices and new knowledge regarding materials and methods for practical use. The content provided can be used by professional conservators, who are aware of the ethical and contextual aspects and complexity of conservation decision-making.


The need for this reference material became apparent during a series of masterclasses and conferences, organized in the period 2012-2020 by SCI in India, Russia and Cuba. These gatherings, focusing on mutual exchange and deepening knowledge in relation to the local contexts, were organized in association with SRAL, the RCE, and Dutch embassies in the partner countries of the International Heritage Cooperation programme.


Recently the second two publications of this series were published online:


In 2022, the following brochures were already published online:


The final two publications will be published in 2023. See for more information about the International Heritage Cooperation programme of the Cultural Heritage Agency.

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