Shared Cultural Heritage becomes International Heritage Cooperation

Shared Cultural Heritage becomes International Heritage Cooperation

A new name, a new website, a new logo and a new motto of the programme: From Shared Heritage to Shared Endeavors.
By Ron Santing

In 2021, the new International Cultural Policy was launched. The Shared Cultural Heritage programme continues to play an important part within this policy, which is characterised by many continuities as well as important changes. For instance: for the next four years, we will continue to work together under the name International Heritage Cooperation.

International Heritage Cooperation
International Heritage Cooperation
Ron Santing

New name, new logo

In the last couple of months, we have been working hard to update the website. The new name, the new logo, and especially the motto of the programme – From Shared Heritage to Shared Endeavors – aims to communicate the broader scope of the international heritage cooperation programme. Between 2021 and 2024, our cooperation and dialogue with other countries and partners will not only focus on histories and heritage that connect the Netherlands to other countries and vice versa, but also on working together on issues, topics and challenges that are shared amongst us.

Shared Endeavors

Because although a shared past can provide a starting point for collaboration, our focus is, above all, on the future. After all, every country now faces comparable societal issues, such as climate change, sustainability, participation and social inclusion. Themes that require continuous development, the ability to respond to changing needs and circumstances and a joint search for appropriate solutions. The curiosity, openness and innovation that are required for this transcend national borders. In fact, it is only by reaching out to one another and learning together that we can enhance our ability to develop and build a sustainable future. *

More information

For more information about these changes, you can check the International Heritage Cooperation site, and the different partners’ websites once these are updated according to the new policy period. Additionally, you can read our publication Shared Cultural Heritage 2017-2020 - looking back to look forward.

* The paragraph on Future Endeavors was written by Jinna Smit, Programme Director International Heritage Cooperation at the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. It is part of her article in the publication Shared Past - New Perspectives. Shared Cultural Heritage Program 2017-2020.

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