Carambei Historical Park

Carambei Historical Park

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Parque Histórico de Carambeí
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It all began in 1911 with the Carambhey farm in the Campos Gerais region, Parana. The farm was the property of the Brazil Railway Company who wanted to make the land productive. 52 immigrants from Holland moved to the area, all in some way active in the agricultural sector.

The place became the county of Carambeí, now one of the major cities with a significant community of Dutch origin. From 2011 the area will house the Carambeí Historical Park, commemorating the centenary of the migratory wave.

Conceived as an outdoor museum of hundred thousand square meters, the Park is scheduled for release in June 2011 and has five focus areas: the Historic Village, the model farm Mirim, the Exhibition Park, water engineering works, and the Cultural Centre Amsterdam.

The initiative has the institutional support and sponsorship from local prefecture Batavo, and aims to preserve the Dutch traditions and culture.

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